RUNNINZZ FM is an urban music radio station broadcasting in Northampton, UK. We playing grime, aggi, hip hop and jungle.
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Aggi Grime is a sub-genre of UK urban dance music genre Grime. The genre has grew in the late 2000s and early 2010s with producers such as DJ Spooky, Alias, P Jam, Doc Doneeka, NB Funky and Braxton.

Aggi is seen as engaging traditional grime values in that the MCs of the genre rap over the beats/mix. Additionally, where grime is predominantly “made to rap to” – Aggi shows a significant influence of jungle and UK garage where the listener can ‘dance’ or ‘skank’. This is helped by the fast and frantic drum patterns and warmth of the sub bass. Dancehall and reggeaton also show clear influence in the genre.

Typically, Aggi is mixed by DJs at around 135-145bpm, this is in line with normal garage, bassline, grime productions.


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  1. runninzz fm says:

    Check out Braxton new hip hop instrumental ‘Shoreditch’ here:

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